Memory of Nation


Ludmila Mihajlović, roz. Marešová (1936)

  Ludmila  Mihajlović, roz. Marešová (1936)
I was born a teacher


“When the Nazis came they took whatever they wanted from our pub. Among other things, they took the gramophone too. My grandma went out to the street and started cursing in Czech. One of the Nazi soldiers came to her and said: ‘Ma’am, don’t be angry with all of us, we are not all guilty’. He was from Bohemia. After that, he would visit us as Czechs. My aunts were pretty and young people would gather in our place and sing Czech songs.”

  • Born on 15 September 1936 in Kruščica in the then Yugoslavia
  • Her family moved to Bela Crkva and father worked in a family pub
  • Her father was arrested and imprisoned for four years during the war
  • Graduated from a teacher school
  • Worked as a teacher in the Czech class in Kruščica
  • The family moved to Pančevo after the Czech class ceased to exist
  • She worked as police clerk until retirement
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