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Peter Lenek (1961)

 Peter  Lenek (1961)
Music is a treatment for everything

Situation at the university during socialism

“After the graduation from grammar school I applied for medical studies at the university. I wasn't accepted and I found out it was because of lack of free places. As a second school I chose the Faculty of Natural Sciences, where I liked biology-chemistry specialization. Worse it was with the school policy and the compulsory subjects in each year, as for example: scientific communism, Marxist-Leninist philosophy, political economy and history of the working movement. These were the four compulsory subjects that had to be passed during the socialist era. I didn't like them; I had a really big problem with them. Throughout the whole year, only once I attended the lecture of Marxist-Leninist philosophy, as fortunately, the lectures were not compulsory. The exercises and seminars were mandatory. I had a serious problem with them because I was a great music fan. I didn't take it as I wanted to oppose to anything. I used to travel to Hungary a lot, where I bought music records and t-shirts, which became the sticking point. My mom bought me a sweat-shirt in Hungary with a big sign of American California University Los Angeles. One day, professor Cirbes, the head of Department of Marxism and Leninism invited me to a 'talk'. That was such a turning point in my life, because he asked me: 'Why do you promote western American imperialistic university on your clothes, comrade Lenek? Why don't you promote our Pavol Jozef Šafárik University?' I was so caught unawares that I didn't know what to reply. I told the truth, as I was taught to do during my whole life: 'Comrade professor, if you made t-shirts with our university sign, I would love to wear them.' Just to explain, nothing like that existed, no one produced anything alike. Thus, since I contradicted him, he only managed to say just one word: 'Out!' and I was kicked out of the study room. This is how I started up my troublesome era.”

  • born on October 3, 1961 in Košice
  • 1980 began to study at the university
  • in years 1987 and 1988 he was accused of “unauthorized business”
  • spent 48 hours in jail and got 2 years of suspended sentence and a fine
  • 1990 opened his long-wished-for music shop
  • lives in Košice and runs Music Center
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