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Štefan Koma (1929)

 Štefan  Koma (1929)
All, where God is missing, turns against a man in the end

Ironic comment against Štefan during the draft to PTP (1950)

“On September 12, 1950 we went to Žilina Regional Military Headquarters. There we had to take off our clothes down to underwear, weight and measure out. Everyone was drafted, even boys with round shoulders. Up to 48 hours we were supposed to present ourselves with a military suitcase in Libava. The first lieutenant came to me while I stood there and said: 'Have you read a novel Humiliation of the Cross (Utrpenie kríža)?' I said I had and he replied: 'Well, then now it's here!'”

  • born on April 30, 1929 in the village of Černová
  • in 1948 he enrolled at the Theological Seminary in Spišská Kapitula
  • as a result of the state intervention against churches, he had to interrupt his study in 1950
  • in September 1950, he had to enlist in the basic military service to the correctional units of the PTP (Auxiliary Technical Battalions), where he spent more than three years doing difficult manual labor
  • after the release, he got employed by the state-owned company Stavoindustria as a worker
  • during the political loosening, in years 1966 – 1970, he studied at the Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology of Cyril and Methodius at the Comenius University in Bratislava
  • he worked as a chaplain in the village of Bobrovec, later in Námestovo
  • from 1974 until his retirement he was a parish priest in the village of Liesek
  • during the whole communist era, as a so-called "reactionary element", he was being monitored by the State Security
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