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František Nejedlý (1931)

  František  Nejedlý (1931)
Cold farming

Getting to PTP

"I marched to the army at the beginning of September (1951 - ed.) and they dragged us to Most, where we were staying in the barracks and kept waiting. It was terrible. Beside me slept a Baptist, who was beaten badly there because he cut off the buttons with those little swords. He wanted no weapon. We were there for a month, and nothing ever happened, and finally we found out that wagons had to be pulled there to remove us as unwanted persons from the Soviet Union. But the wagons never arrived, so in order not to keep us there unnecessarily, they drove us away. The first stop was working at the barracks in Bílina. There it was all so merry. We got a gipsy there who fed the pigs and a mayor used to check him. The Gypsy used to collect the newspaper, the Red Law, and fed it to the pigs. The Major asked him what kind of stupid thing it was, and he replied he was giving them political training."

  • born on 17 February, 1931 in the colony of Plechy, a part of the village Dolní Studénky
  • father came from nationally mixed Czech and German marriage
  • father fought for the Wehrmacht
  • father was a British capture
  • father never returned to Czechoslovakia and stayed in Germany
  • sister Inke emigrated
  • in 1951 the witness worked for auxiliary technical troops
  • in 2017 lived in Dolní Studénky
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