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Miloslav Havrlík (1932)

  Miloslav Havrlík (1932)
The communists closed down the mill and we were glad that they did not chase us out

Communists closed down our family mill

“The communists promised to support small businesses. Our mill was no factory. It was just to make living. Maximally middle-size, but rather a small private enterprise. The mill got closed, parents were jobless, my brother too. He was actually threatened to get punished for keeping a construction material secret. That was quite common. If anyone was interested in the mill back then, he would have gone to prison and we would have been chased out completely. That happened quite normally. We had neighbouring millers, who ended up that way. During that period it was also quite common to make flat checks, and the whole mill was check for keeping stuff that was forbidden. And imagine, I kept my gun there...”

  • born on 10 August, 1932 in Lhotka u Lochovic
  • the family owned the mill in Janov; during the war the cereals were also milled illegally
  • after February 1948 they had to close down the mill and the family was out of any income
  • due to political reasons the witness could not attend the School of Forestry in Písek
  • in 1953 he served in the army at the Technical troops in the Southern Bohemia despite suffering from the birth physical defect
  • in 1955–1959 studied distantly Secondary School of Forestry in Písek
  • until retirement he worked as a forester in Křivoklátě, Příbram and Rožmitál
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