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Ramón Saúl Sánchez (1954)

  Ramón Saúl Sánchez (1954)
The flame of human dignity will flare up and take down the dictatorship

Fake from the very beginning

"We stayed to live there. My mum in one little house and my grandma in the other. Until one day, the insurgents came over, waving some paper saying that they were confiscating our house. They faced my grandma who was neither a revolutionary, nor a supporter of Batista. She was a humble, poor village woman. We lived off our little fields, one cow and so on. We didn't own any vast property. We got our house from the previous owners who fled to exile. The militias arrived with an order saying that my mum and grandma had to leave their shacks and find a new housing because a school would be built there. They put up a huge billboard: 'Here, a vocational school will be built.' It stayed there for the next two decades but nothing was ever built there. But everyone passing by was assured that the revolution was building a school. The same thing had happened at many other places. From the very beginning, they had built such fake image."

  • born on 1 September 1954 in Colón, Cuba into a destitute farmer family
  • in 1966, he and his brother were sent to the US to avoid conscription in Cuba
  • once in Miami, he became active in the armed resistance against Castro's regime
  • in 1982 refused to give testimony before an American court about the terrorist group Omega 7
  • spent four and a half years in prison for contempt of court
  • was released in 1988 and decided to carry on in the fight for freedom by non-violent means
  • co-founded the Democratic Movement; organized a campaign against a stricter US immigration policy towards Cuban citizens
  • co-organized ship cargos from Miami to Cuba with humanitarian aid
  • lives in Miami, FL; has not visited Cuba since twelve years of age
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