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Richard Vyškovský (1929)

 Richard Vyškovský (1929)
It’s going to rain, the Czechs are speaking

The Anschluss in Vienna

“Nowadays Austrians say they were occupied, and that they were later liberated; I know that isn’t true because I witnessed it happen. The streets were stuffed with people who no one forced to be there and who roared in unison: ‘Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer.’ And opposite our shop, across the street on the other side, there was a shoe shop, which was owned by a Jewish businessman. And I remember how he had to, how they forced him... for one, there was Jude written everywhere, in white on all the shop windows, and he had to scrub the pavement in front of his shop. Those weren’t cops standing there overseeing it, those were local people. So the Austrians really were thrilled by Hitler back then. That was no liberation, that was the same defeat for them as it was for the Germans.”

  • born 13 July 1929 in Vienna into a Czech family
  • remembers the Anschluss of Vienna
  • 1942, forced to switch to a Czech school in Prague due to his descent; stayed at an uncle’s
  • remembers the Prague Uprising and the departure of Schörner’s army from Prague
  • 1946, the family permanently moved to Prague; birth of his sister Jitka
  • 1948, completed a secondary technical school of construction
  • February 1948, took part in the students’ march to Prague Castle in support of President Beneš
  • studied architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague, specialising in historical architecture
  • 1950s, interned for half a year and interrogated by State Security in Bartolomějská Street and Charles Square in Prague - suspected of having known about the emigration plans of one acquaintance
  • 1960s, worked as a draughtsman at the State Institute for the Reconstruction of Historical Cities and Sites (SIRHCS)
  • early 1960s, imprisoned for a second time with colleagues from the SIRHCS for allegedly overpricing private commissions; fully acquitted after two years
  • married twice; second marriage with Anna Vyškovská - son Richard
  • 1968-1984, worked as a freelancer on reconstruction projects of historical buildings in Yugoslavia
  • from 1969, designed paper cut-out models of castles, palaces, and cars, mainly for the children’s magazine ABC
  • from 1997, designs the same type of models for ERKOtyp, a publishing house that is co-owned and managed by his son Richard
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