Memory of Nation


Jaroslav Mojžíš (1934)

 Jaroslav Mojžíš (1934)
I always said that the Communists should push off, not me

Breeding silkworms for the Wehrmacht

“I remember when the first German units came. Those were just horses and carts, nothing with an engine. We started learning German in the second year of school. And one year, I don’t remember which, carpenters entered our class and built shelves there for us to breed silkworms for the parachutes of the Wehrmacht. Because there was an alley near our house where mulberry trees grew. We brought the berries to the worms. When they cocooned, they took them away and made silk out of them.”

  • born 4 June 1934 in Olomouc
  • after grammar school, planned to publish anti-Communist pamphlets with his friends
  • 10 December 1953, arrested despite not having published any pamphlets
  • 1954, sentenced to 17 months of prison for seditious association
  • hard labour in the uranium mines near Jáchymov
  • worked in agriculture
  • expelled after 5 years of study at the University of Agriculture in Nitra when it was discovered that he had been in prison
  • worked as a livestock specialist
  • successfully completed a veterinary programme at the university in Košice alongside his work duties
  • worked at the Research Institute of Veterinary Pharmacy in Prague
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