Memory of Nation


Franjica Poznik (1930)

    Franjica Poznik (1930)
The life passed by like a day

Guerrilla ambush

“I would go to market when I was… eleven, twelve or thirteen. Mum would pack up goods and tell me to buy salt. I took a little quark and some eggs that we had to Daruvar to sell... And then there was an ambush! Guerrillas! They didn’t let us go to the town and took everything from us. They sent it to their hospital. There was an attack, with soldiers going from Pakrac and from Daruvar. The guerrillas were here, hidden in a house near the forest, and we were hiding too! They started shooting at us, one by one. A lot of firing! We children were so scared that we crawled under the bed. Missiles flew, tanks drove and the guerrillas escaped to the forest. That’s what I saw as a child.”

  • Born on 9 February 1930 in Střežany (Croatian: Sređani) in today’s Croatia
  • Experienced guerrillas as well as the Ustashe movement and the Black Legion during WWII
  • The family moved to Beška in Vojvodina in 1954
  • She married soon after and brought up two daughters
  • She remembers living in the country and farming work
  • She travelled, including to the Czech Republic where she visited her relatives
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