Memory of Nation


Rastko Kolaček (1956)

  Rastko Kolaček (1956)
The older you are, the wiser you get

Invitation letter

“My father and uncles went to Czechoslovakia in 1964 and brought back photographs and nice experiences and told us how cultured the people there are. Our Czech relatives visited us in 1966 and were enthusiastic. I remember some correspondence afterwards; my mum took part in it. Those were invitation letters. Basically, our relatives asked us to send them invitation letters so that they could leave the country, but they did admit: ‘Excuse us, we are not coming to you – we need this to leave Czechoslovakia; we want to get to Germany or Spain…’ These days, it has nearly come the time for us to write to them to get us out of here.”

  • Born on 6 April 1956 in Belgrade
  • Member of the Czech minority in Belgrade
  • Quit studies and went to the army
  • Held various jobs in the electronics industry over the course of 26 years
  • His children had heart surgery in London
  • His wife and he built a house in the Boka Kotorska gulf of the Adriatic to treat their children
  • He occasionally works as a blacksmith, continuing the family tradition
  • His son died in 2003
  • Active in the Czech Association in Belgrade
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