Memory of Nation


Ruth Mittelmann (1925)

  Ruth Mittelmann (1925)
There were times when I felt as if in another world

At the table with women from Lidice

“One day, they sent me a message through Lenka that the women from Lidice invited me to join them at their table. It was a great honour, because they were aristocracy in the camp, let’s say. Nobody yelled at them, and so it was an honour. They had certainly heard about me from Lenka and they noticed that I was not speaking German. I really accepted their offer and I was getting food at their table – the table in quotation marks. One day, when food was distributed, I received a ladle with… The room commander who was distributing the food, had a large bone with meat on that ladle. I can still see it even now, she was holding it and she was mean, very mean and she was looking at us and deciding to whom she would give it so that the others would be jealous and she gave it to me so that all the others would envy me. Obviously, I suggested that each of the women take one bite of it, what else was there to do. I would not be able to eat it, that was not possible, the eyes of all of them were glued to me. And so we shared it.”

  • born on August 17, 1925 in Bratislava as Charlotta Neumann
  • well-to-do Jewish family
  • in 1930–1933 she was receiving treatment in Leysin in Switzerland
  • study at Jewish grammar schools in Bratislava and Budapest
  • member of Maccabi Ha Tzair since 1938
  • the family was hiding from 1944
  • arrested and deported to Sereď in November 1944
  • subsequently deported to Ravensbrück
  • befriended women from Lidice while in Ravensbrück
  • liberated in Ravensbrück in April 1945
  • reunited with her mother and siblings after her return to Bratislava, her father had died
  • 1947 – hachshara in Teplice
  • went to Israel in 1949
  • from 1969 living in Jerusalem
  • she and her husband cooperate with the museum Yad Vashem
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