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Miroslav Wanek (1962)

 Miroslav Wanek (1962)
We didn’t want to fight the system, we just wanted to play the music we liked

As a child, he could sense the fear among people

“That there was some kind of universal fear that people had of each other. No one knew if they other guy might not be a snitch. And at the same time the schizophrenia of what you could say officially and what you might actually think... and that it was normal... and yet thanks to all these people, the teachers, at home, the wider family or friends... it was perfectly clear that it wasn’t normal. I don’t know what things are like in North Korea right now, but back then I’m sure the brainwashing wasn’t so thorough. Because in reality, it was as if everyone knew of the game. I almost reckoned... who had actually created this situation? Who actually wanted to say these lies? When everyone acted like they were only saying the lies because they had to.”

  • born 6 April 1962 in Teplice; grew up in Dubí near Teplice
  • his father abandoned the family and his mother died when he was 9; raised by his grandparents
  • aged 15, decided to start a band after attending a concert of Bijelo dugme in Yugoslavia
  • trained as a glassmaker in Nový Bor, where he was first introduced to the dissent
  • 1981, founded FPB, one of the first punk bands in Czechoslovakia
  • in a writers’ club that officially published unofficial poetry collections and samizdat for 2 years
  • joined the Pataphysical Collegium led by Eduard Vacek
  • 1985, joined the band Už jsme doma (We’re Home Now), which he still plays with to this day
  • 1989, spokesman for the Civic Forum in Teplice
  • after the revolution, continues to do concerts with Už jsme doma at home and abroad, releases albums
  • composed the music to several films, taught at Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín and at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
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