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MUDr. Jana Dominika Bohušová (1954)

MUDr. Jana Dominika Bohušová (1954)
To respect the values of life and to defend and protect them as well

Růžena Vacková as godmother during the sacrament of confirmation

“Well, she [Růženka] thus became my godmother during the sacrament of confirmation. But at that time, in spring 1977, she suffered from angina pectoris and it was quite serious, because it was already after Charter 77 and she was one of the signatories… the confirmation ceremony took place in autumn, but the situation was getting worse since spring, they were going to see her and checking if she had any visitors and so on, and we were going to her, but she kept asking us not to come so frequently so that we would not put ourselves at risk. But I somehow managed to sneak in, and so I continued visiting her nonetheless. Even if just by myself; we were no longer going to her in groups, but I was going alone. I asked her to serve as my godmother and to allow me to have her name. One mother with her daughter were going there at the same time as well, and they were precious friends. This Jana Antonová was thus my surrogate godmother. My surrogate godmother is still alive. Růženka sent her as her deputy.”

  • born December 21, 1954 in Frýdek-Místek
  • doctor-pediatrician
  • contemplative nun of Dominican sisters
  • professor Růžena Vacková, whose ‘home seminars’ she was regularly attending, became her godmother during the confirmation ceremony
  • got acquainted with Oto Mádr and Josef Zvěřina
  • spiritual formation in convents of Dominican sisters in Moravec, in Drogheda in Ireland and in Częstochowa in Poland
  • 1998–2010 – worked in the secretariat of the bishopric in Hradec Králové, from 2010 living in Prague and working in the secretariat of the Prague archbishopric
  • taking care of the health of president Václav Havel in spring 2011
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