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Oldřich Kovářík (1922)

  Oldřich Kovářík (1922)
One comes to the aero club for flying, not for doing politics

Beginnings in the West Bohemian Aero Club

“Then, when we were as cadets in the club, there was some work we did – cleaning the hangars, cleaning the airplanes. Washing the gasoline tanks. Gasoline. Oil. If there was something to be disassembled, we would then wash the individual components. We always did it together with some mechanic. There were not many of us who did all of that for free. I got to ride in an airplane almost every month. Sometimes less, sometimes more. Depending on which pilot had availability and who wanted to take me in… My first flight was in the “Bejbina” aircraft. I sat next to the pilot. Míla Petr was the pilot. He lived in Karlov. He died in England.”

  • born on July 3, 1922 in Pilsen-Doudlevce
  • 1936–1939 active member of the West Bohemian Aero Club
  • apprenticed and worked as a machine repairman in the Škoda factory in Pilsen
  • 1942–1945 – forced labour in the factory Karl Schmidt in Neckarsulm near Heilbronn which produced pistons for aircraft engines
  • became involved in the liberation of Pilsen and in the Prague Uprising
  • the establishment and history of the 1st Assistance Wing and its renaming to the Airport Wing of the 1st Czechoslovak Air Force Unit in Pilsen
  • working in the West Bohemian Aero Club from 1946, expelled during the screening in 1949
  • joined the West Bohemian Aero Club again in 1953, expelled in 1959
  • worked in the company Construction Machinery Pilsen and in the Škoda factory until 1975
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