Memory of Nation


Ivan Ruller (1926)

 Ivan Ruller (1926)
I could never say goodbye to my native town of Brno

Total deployment

“At the end of war we were totally deployed in Brno industry. First we were in the factory, where there were working with the lathe, and then until the end of war I was in a small factory filling up oxygen bombs, that was quite a hard work as we worked day and night there. I had a colleague from the same college and we experienced air-raids, when we ran to Cacovice, and when there was bombing, we hid under the bathtub. And it was interesting as in Brno there were no trams so I had to get up really early in the morning.”

  • born in Brno on 17 November, 1926 in the family of a builder, Čeněk Ruller
  • 1945 studies High Technical College of E. Beneš in Brno
  • 1950 kicked out of the faculty of architecture
  • 1959 began working in Stavoprojekt in Brno
  • 1968 persecuted for his attitudes and disagreement with totalitarian practise
  • 1970–1989 banned membership in the Architects´Club and a ban of any publishing
  • 1990–1994 dean of the Faculty of architecture VUT Brno
  • 2003 awarded a merit medal in the field of arts
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