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MUDr. Jan Palacký (1937)

MUDr. Jan Palacký (1937)
Most important things: don't be scared, don't lie, don't steal

Arrest for attempted border crossing

"They spotted a young guy in the border area, once again. They put me to their cab - a military car - and took me to Znojmo. From there, they took me to Brno. From Brno to Olomouc. There was a network of roads used by buses carrying prisoners. Everyone was given a loaf of bread and margarine - two or three kilos of bread for three days. They told us that if we attempted to escape, they would shoot. This was the point. Also, in the 50s and 60s, they carried out night interrogations. They would let us sleep for a bit and then call us back two hours later."

  • born on 21 December 1937
  • in 1956 secretly joined the Jesuit Order
  • imprisoned for five months for attempting to emigrate
  • in 1959 sentenced to four years for alleged subversion
  • released on amnesty in 1960
  • in 1968 left the country
  • in 1971 finished his studies in Rome and was consecrated to become a priest
  • worked as a chaplain and graduated from medical school in the meantime
  • treated people and Madagascar, Spain, Bolivia and Albania
  • in 2010 returned to the Czech Republic; lives in Brno
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