Rolando Rodriguez Lobaina (1969)

  Rolando Rodriguez  Lobaina (1969)
If you want to fight, you have to believe in your case

Interrogation facility

"They placed me in an interrogation facility in San José in Havana Campo. It was my first time under arrest, I had no experience with that. Suddenly, I found myself in a locked-up cell and lost sense of time. At whichever day or night hour, they brought me for an interrogation and then put me back again. I lost sense of time, plus it was in December and it was very cold. I didn't even know what time it was. They just brought me away, put me in a room where I had to strip and stand on a chair where I was exposed to cold air from an air-conditioning. I had to stand at attention. I didn't resist them. Frankly, I was very much afraid. I was as scared as a rabbit. I was strong in my mind and believed my case but I was scared. An officer in heavy boots put his legs on the table. Whenever I bent my knee to rest a bit, he hit the table with a baton: 'Boom!' I was trembling like a little dog. I had to stand at attention once again. I don't even know how long was I exposed to this torturing practice."

  • born on 3 May 1969 in the city of Baracoa, Cuba as one of seven children
  • in 1987 began studying informatics at a university in Havana
  • after graduation began working as an engineer in an alumunium factory
  • in 1994 along with five people tried to flee Cuba on a boat but was captured
  • for shouting out: "Out with Fidel!" was sentenced to six years in prison in 1996
  • after release, became active in the dissident movement
  • in 2006 was arrested once again but was released due to a wave of protests
  • continued protesting against the regime, was arrested a number of times, had to go into hiding
  • in 2010 was exposed to a public lynch
  • in 2011 much of his family forced to leave Cuba
  • Rolando stayed and is still active
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