Sebastián Arcos Cazabón (1961)

  Sebastián Arcos Cazabón (1961)
I will not return to Cuba until I can do it as a free man

And of course, when being a child, one does not understand why these questions are being asked…

The Lenin Vocational School had almost 5000 students who lived in that school from Sunday to Saturday. I grew the six years of my high school and pre-university studies out of my home six days a week, while I shared with my parents, with my family, barely 24 hours a week during those six years. That was part of the indoctrination of the state. To separate the children from the families so that the children could be indoctrinated regardless of how the family thought. I was already a little older and I could see more clearly the way indoctrination worked. For example, the school record was an important issue, as we discovered already at the Lenin Vocational School, and there, everything that was related to student’s life was carefully recorded, and personal interviews were being made with the students. They were being asked, for example, the following questions: Is there someone in your house who prays to God? Or is there someone at your home who goes to church, or in your house, are there religious images on the walls? Or do you have relatives residing abroad? Who are they? Do you receive phone calls or correspondence from these relatives who are living abroad? And of course, one is a child, one does not understand why these questions are being asked, but as we got older, we realized that the intention was to control each family through the children who were being educated and indoctrinated by the Cuban revolution, by the regime.

  • He was born in 1961 in Havana, in a very revolutionary family
  • Many of his relatives fought against the Batista regime, and later became opponents of the Fidel Castro regime
  • He studied at the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Vocational School, which followed the revolutionary school-work model
  • He was arrested along with his family, during an attempt to escape from Cuba on sea in 1981, being sentenced to one year in prison at Combinado del Este
  • After his release, he began to participate in the opposition, and he was victim of acts of repudiation
  • He managed to leave Cuba and works at the International University of Florida. He helps the opposition groups in Cuba and denounces the crimes of the regime
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