Salvador Blanco (1953)

  Salvador Blanco (1953)
Communism is a complete lie


"I was accused of collaboration with the CIA, and for contempt and disrespect of the regime, the communist party and Fidel Castro. And on top of that, for attempted emigration. You in Czechoslovakia have land borders and thus possibly more opportunities to get out but in Cuba, sea is the only option. That's why they always accused people of attempted flight - whenever it was a successful one, there was nobody left to put on trial. The most common target is Miami where one can get by boat across the channel. Many people call Florida the Coast of Freedom, which is true."

  • born on 6 May 1953 in the fishing town of Caibarién in central Cuba
  • his family lived in Havana in the campus of the University of Fine Arts
  • since childhood did theater, music and pantomime
  • in 1973 got a job in the Cuban national TV
  • became a popular character; won acclaim all around Cuba
  • in 1982 insulted Fidel Castro and was accused of aiding the CIA, disrespect for the regime, and attempted emigration
  • sentenced to three years in prison
  • after return was under secret police surveillance, did construction works
  • thanks to French politicians, was able to move to Paris
  • worked in France, took part in international human rights conferences
  • eventually moved to Miami where he got prominence in the Radio and TV Martí
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