Santiago Álvarez (1941)

  Santiago Álvarez (1941)
Communism is the best weapon for exploiting people

Destroying oil containers

"How many times did you go to Cuba to infiltrate?" - "Many times. But I only got to the mainland twice. Once when I was scuttled, and once when I helped unload things I was taking there. We were in the Bay of Pigs for like twenty times. Later, we did such actions on our own. But we did most damage to the regime by our combat operations in 1963-1965. The most important one took place in the Casilda harbor. There were huge oil containers there and we targeted those. It was the biggest naval battle in Cuba after the one in Bay of Pigs. We shot fifteen to eighteen 50 mm projectiles. They hadn't exploded because they were empty. In any case, we destroyed those containers. Cubans were awaiting us there but not because of some prior notice. By that time, they were well armed. They were set at four places with anti-tank cannons. By the way, these were of Czechoslovak production. They started firing from all four but haven't hit us once."

  • born on 1 December 1941 in Havana, Cuba, into a politically active family
  • his father was governor of the Matanzas province, served as a senator and spent several terms as the President's secretary
  • during Castro's revolution, his family left Cuba; he settled in the US
  • ever since 1960 active in the exiles' armed resistance against Castro's regime
  • in 1964 participated in the evacuation of two men from Cuba
  • graduated from construction engineering, founded a construction company and financed the dissident movement
  • still supports the Cuban opposition
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